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1st PRIZE +info
46 social dwellings in Torre Baró, Barcelona. Pmhb. Novembre 2016

3st PRIZE +info
Social dwellings in Bon Pastor, Barcelona. Pmhb. 2015

8th POSITION +info
École, Avenches, Switzerland. ASIA. 2014

8th POSITION narch in "arquia/proxima"
"P11" in online voting award of Arquia/proxima. 2012.

narch in "arquia/proxima"
"P11" selected from 1.445 projects, April 2012.

"P11" has been selected to WAN residential Award 2011"
30 dwellings in Manresa goes to the long list for WAN awards 2011, January 2012.

narch in "arquia/proxima"
"P7" and "P11" appears in Arquia, May 2011.

narch in "afasia";
"P7" is published in AFASIA architecture blog, 24 Febrery 2011.

narch in AJAC VII awards +info
"P7" reaches 6th position over 94 in AJAC awards 2010, spain.

narch "visions" interview +link
Visions interview Joan Ramon Pascuets, director of narch

narch in "on diseño" +link
"P7" appears in "on diseño" magazine

the innovative town concept for the future-ideas competition, finland, with "ECO-LOOP"

news narch and glassmarte
narch is present on a glassmarte stand and web

1st PRIZE +info
40 social dwellings in "Les Bateries – Turó del Sastre, 18F" Montgat. Barcelonès

Contest for the rehabilitation of craft 8 and 9 of "matadero madrid", Madrid city council / C.O.A.M.

news narch and eclisse +link +link +link
narch and eclisse, press

1st PRIZE +info +link
Medical center. Gisa - Generalitat de Catalunya, Alcanar.
narch c/tamarit 165 atic 08015 barcelona / europe t/f +34 93 424 88 87